How is the Housing Market in Flagler County Doing?

Current homeowners and people considering investing in a home in Flagler County want to know – is Flagler County doing as well as the rest of the nation in the housing turnaround.

We have good news for them – Flagler County is doing better! There are many factors that affect the current housing market in different areas of the country:

  • How far did the prices fall?
  • When did the prices recover?
  • What is the level of homeowner satisfaction?
  • What are other factors that affect the market?

This is what we have experienced here. In 2008 the housing market began to fall and fell faster in Flagler County than it did in neighboring St. Johns County. That might seem like a negative indicator but it did not turn out that way. When Flagler County began to recover, other counties in Florida were still losing value.

It was a struggle for home buyers to get financing, but the homes were selling out of foreclosures, short sales and from traditional sellers. Slowly, banks eased residential lending, and more houses sold and the price continued to rise.

Because we are in NE Florida, homeowner satisfaction is high. We’ve had no adverse weather events while the rest of the country has experienced early and brutal snow storms and even, so called, Frankenstorms.

This has resulted in many northern states showing low homeowner satisfaction in surveys. Some show that as high a percentage as 49% would move if given the opportunity. Where would they move? Many would move to Florida. Who does that benefit? Yes, it benefits us in Flagler County. We have a beautiful coastline, mild winters, and friendly, happy residents.

And that’s what makes all the difference! Our home prices are continuing to rise at a sustainable rate and our citizens are continuing to love living here.


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Saturday, 21 September 2019

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