The Team Approach to Real Estate

Why do business with RE/MAX Flagstaff? People have many reasons for checking out a real estate office:

  • They may be a buyer who wants to find that "just right" property,
  • They may be a seller who wants to make sure and get the most exposure and best selling price for their house,
  • They may be an agent, trying to decide what team to join.

Believe it or not, the answers are right for all three of these hypothetical people. RE/MAX Flagstaff is a good fit for buyers, sellers, and agents looking for a dynamic team for the exact same reasons.

It starts with teamwork. We are Realtors® committed to the success of the team. If you are a buyer looking for that perfect property, you will have a buyer's agent helping you but a whole team caring about the outcome. We know when something new comes on the market, we know the trends of each neighborhood, we know the schools, the flood zones, the golf course that just got approved, the new parks that are being constructed. And we make sure these factors help you make a decision.

If you are a seller, you know how great RE/MAX is nationally at getting your property advertised and you will appreciate how well this team works with sellers. We have buyers waiting and looking, we advertise your property and follow up promptly. We take great pictures, write wonderful descriptions, and make sure your property shows like a million bucks.

And if you are looking for a team to join, you are looking for that magical combination of success, savvy, and smiles. You're not interested in a group where it's "every man for himself." You want the support of a caring team that is connected to the community in a very real way. RE/MAX Flagstaff is that team. You see us everywhere you go - as Chamber of Commerce members, local charity supporters, leaders and do-ers who make a difference in the community. That's what we do, we make a difference; and we can make one for you!

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7 Tips to Successful Home Buying

In 2014, the real estate market is on an upswing. Houses last on the market for about 45 days and sellers often see more than one offer coming in. It is easy to see this as a Sellers Market and wonder if there are any opportunities for buyers at this time. The good news is that there definitely are some opportunities for buyers in today's market. The key to maximizing your opportunity is to do a little legwork before you begin looking at houses. Here are 7 steps to make the home buying process go more smoothly.

1) Know why you're buying. Are you looking for a forever home or hoping to buy rental investment property? How long do you plan to keep the property and do you have a specific return you expect?

2) Know what you want to buy. There are many types of properties available on the market right now and deciding what will best suit your needs is an important start. Will a home in a subdivision be the best "fit?" or would a waterfront condominium or a rural manufactured home be best?

3) Are you willing to put any work into the property or must it be turnkey? There are some good deals on foreclosed property but those deals often come with some deferred maintenance or property damage that needs to be fixed. If you are not comfortable with that, the deal is not for you.

4) Know your deal breakers. Do you absolutely have to have waterfront, or a pool, or a good school district? Know what you are willing to negotiate and what you want to stand firm on.

5) Know what you can afford. This number may be different than the payments a bank is willing to qualify you for. The banker may say that you can afford a mortgage of $230,000 with monthly payments of $1600. But you may feel that would strain your budget. Go to a mortgage calculator website and figure out the amount you can live comfortably with.

6) Get a commitment from a lender. You can put an offer on a house with confidence if you have the lender's commitment to back you up. The time to get that is before you start looking.

7) Let your real estate agent do the negotiating for you. Your licensed real estate professional will not let emotions get in the way of facts and figures. They will help you make the offer and negotiate the price while making sure the deal is done correctly according to law.

If you follow these simple tips you will be successful at finding the house or home you want to buy. If you're looking in NE Florida, any of our RE/MAX Flagstaff professionals will be happy to help you!


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